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"It is really true that on any given day small things can happen, seemingly unimportant and without prior warning, capable of leaving an indelible mark on your life.It's been that way for me.
It all started in a hot April month twenty years ago.I was still young then (20 years seems so young now), so I had many dreams and enthusiastic energy.I was daydreaming while walking along a sidewalk in the center of Bari, waiting for my sisters Nella and Marilena.Nothing had caught my attention - not even the rowdy and colorful crowd incessantly passing me by - until I saw, almost by chance, a small shop from an elevated view that was quite different from anything I've come across in the past.I became curious.It was a small workshop making artisanal pasta.I couldn't see much on the inside, apart from the two hands of an adult woman working with dedication and energy on a long load of dough.A beam of light fell on her as she was working while making caressing movements: slow, repetitive, lovingly.I was entranced.
In no time at all the loaf transformed into many small pieces, all of the same size.The woman continued with her work: crushing and kneading small pieces with her fingertips, and then rolling her thumb to create a sort of a hat-like figure, beautiful to look at.And so, right under my eyes, a myriad of complex forms took on shape, all so identical and perfect as if generated by a machine ... I couldn't resist the temptation and entered.
When at last my sisters found me, I had with me, clutched in my hand, a bag full of those very forms that were just created!Marilena, noting it, asked me what I had bought.
"Two pounds of orecchiette!" I replied.“Orecchiette?" - she replied in amazement -”but why... grandmother Mena makes divine Orecchiette!".
And she was right, but I told her I had just followed my instincts.After a few months, Pastificio Carbone was established, the family's agri-food company.Together with my father Michele, my mother Ina, Nella and Marilena and later to my brother-in-law Sergio, the journey to discover the flavours of tradition began; It is an extraordinary sensory experience that we are still offering today with ever increasing enthusiasm and passion.
All that we have achieved in recent years would not have been possible without the daily contribution of an effective team of employees, suppliers and customers.
We are people who believe in the fundamental values of life and we carefully search for the perfect balance and taste in our cuisine.
For this reason, every day, just like that unforgettable morning twenty years ago, we create food dedicated to all of you, as if to testify that: the attitude of the heart is all that matters in life! "


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